Monday, November 09, 2015

More Speech Night Awards ...

Congratulations to Georgie Warren for being the recipient of the Dr Ellen Balaam Award.  The gift of the Palladians Association for promise in Science.

Congratulations to Kavindhya De Silva for being the recipient of the Mathematics and Sports Award. The gift of anonymous donors in memory of Mr Peter Mark, former teacher. Awarded for commitment, participation and potential.

Congratulations to Orissa Dixon for being the recipient of the Women in Stem Leadership Award. The gift of the Maths and Science Faculty. Awarded to a student for outstanding leadership and contribution to science and maths.

Congratulations to Jinny Guo for being the recipient of the La Trobe Law School Excellence Awards.  This is presented to the highest achieving student in units 1 and 2 Legal Studies.  

Congratulations to Gloria To for being the recipient of The Mary Lazarus Award for History. The gift of Mrs Majorie Ovenden. Awarded to a student studying History: Revolutions.

Congratulations to Shenpaha Ganesan for being the recipient of the Legal Studies 3/4 Award 2015. A gift of E. Mitrakis, OAM.


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